Why shop with L & M Gold Star instead of a big retailer?

There’s no denying that customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to kitchen and other electrical appliances on the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. So why choose to shop at L & M Gold Star? Indeed, why choose any small business over its’ larger chain competitors?

The fact is that small businesses are able to deliver on the factors that customers consider the most important, and for us, these factors are our bread and butter:

We’re here to serve you, not the other way around:

We all know how nice it is to deal with the same staff member every time you contact a business. Hallelujah, there’s no need to repeat your story a million times! Here at L & M Gold Star, we get it. Our team is small but has bucket-loads of experience. We are dedicated to making things easier for you and we can guarantee that you’ll never be transferred from person to person, be waiting on hold for an eternity or have someone not return your call.

Our service is in the details. Our team often spend hours on end with customers in the showroom to make sure they are making the right choices for their needs. We provide super fast quotes and deliver for free. Hek, we even remove the old appliance for free! Plus, our service doesn’t end with the sale – if you need information about your product after the sale, just give us a call. And if there’s an issue with the product, we take care of the service call so that you don’t have to deal with the manufacturer at all. Will the big retailers do all that for you?……… ahhhhh no.

You’re part of our family:

L & M Gold Star is a family business and it has been since the day it started. The leading lady, Trina Hockley, has invested blood, sweat and tears to get the business to where it is (oh, and the capital!). From the outset, L & M’s focus has been on relationship building. We’re not just here to sell you stuff… we genuinely want to get to know you, help you and be there when you need us. Call or visit once, and you’ll be remembered the second time.

We’re closer to you than the big retailers: 

Imagine calling a big retailer, making an order at lunchtime and asking for it to be delivered that afternoon, and for it to be delivered for free….. please, what a joke! Here at L & M, we do same day deliveries and delivery is included – if we have it in stock, it’s yours, end of story.

We run lean: 

With L & M Gold Star, there isn’t red tape. We can give you the information you need and we make decisions without having to call our boss, and the boss’s boss and then their boss, only be to directed back to beginning…. it was exhausting just typing that.  Our staff are a close-knit team that operate on the same level… although we have job titles, everyone pitches in where they are needed – we aren’t pretentious; we’re fluid.

We change when we need to: 

If something isn’t working, we change it. Simple. We don’t have to lodge proposals, send them up the never-ending chain, and then have to wait months for a change to filter down the line that has minimal impact anyway. This also goes for responding to customer feedback…. some customers said that it would be great if we did bathroom renovations, and in the blink of an eye, now we do!

Come and experience what we have to offer. Our showroom might look small from the outside, but our customers often exclaim “it’s so big in here, I had no idea!”

Our case is straightforward. We serve you. We remember you. We value you. 

We now do bathroom & kitchen renovations!

LME Logo

LME Refurbishments is a joint venture between two highly successful and long standing Gold Coast companies, Eximm and L & M Gold Star.

For over 10 years Eximm and L & M Gold Star have maintained a strong and mutually beneficial working relationship in the marketplace with Eximm holding solid experience in the building sector and L & M Gold Star being are an electrical appliance retailer, wholesaler and bathroom product supplier.

Due to client demand, the CEO’s of both companies have agreed to come together in a way that would provide clientele with a more simplistic approach, fully managed projects under one roof that in turn create a bigger offering to the marketplace at a highly competitive price.

LME Refurbishments offer unit/apartment renovations including all aspects of design and installation with a particular focus on kitchens and bathrooms.

One business under the one roof delivering multiple solutions.

Call us today on 5592 3344!

Book L & M Event Hire for your next function!

LM Event Hire Logo Portrait (2)

We have a range of equipment for you to hire for your next event, including, but not limited to:

  • Trestle tables (1.2m & 1.8m)
  • Cafe chairs & tables (in red, black or white)
  • Bar stools & bar tables (in red, black or white)
  • Black fabric event chairs
  • Tablecloths
  • Wine buckets
  • Brochure stands
  • AV equipment (e.g. TV’s, PA systems, mixers, speakers)
  • TV stands
  • Eskies

FREE delivery is provided to most areas and our delivery days and times are very flexible.

For all enquiries, contact us on 07 5592 3344 or send us an email at sales@lmgoldstar.com.au for a fast and obligation free quote.

Stay tuned for photos of our products which will be uploaded very soon to our Facebook page and website!

And remember, here at L & M Gold Star, we pride ourselves on service. If there’s a product that you want for your event that we don’t have, let us know and we’ll can see what we can do. Your vision is our mission.

The hidden appliance that may have the greatest impact on your household

The InSinkErator is rarely thought of, because it is never seen. However, it’s a product that we consider a must-have for any household and here’s why:

  • Sick of trying to shove the garbage bags further into the bin, with fingers crossed that the garbage collectors will take it? Worry no more! Think of all of the food waste that you put in the bin now…. and imagine putting all of this (with some exceptions) straight down the sink instead.
  • Sick of having smells linger in the kitchen from the food waste in your bin…those nasty fish smells perhaps? The InSinkErator prevents this, because all of the food waste is taken away from the home straight away via the plumbing. This has the added bonus of making your kitchen more hygienic, plus it reduces food handling.
  • The InSinkErator is very energy efficient, and it only costs about $1.50 per year to run!
  • It’s also water efficient, equating to only one extra toilet flush per day.
  • The InSinkerErator is environmentally friendly, and there’s waste plants that actually convert the waste into renewable energy.
  • Modern technology has allowed the InSinkErator to be built with very quiet motors – you’ll most definitely be surprised at how quiet they are.

We have the full range of InSinkErators in our showroom. Come in and have a look – you’re sure to be impressed, especially with the price (it’s a small appliance with prices to match).

Watch this video for more information: